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Flock Without Birds

Flock Without Birds is a novel about the illusions that create our world.
Flock Without Birds challenges the foundations of rationality and forges a new path to understanding ourselves and the world. Through a love story, the novel ties together the timeless search for meaning with history and the future of data, AI and humanity.
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Ancient wisdom says the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. But how can we separate the two? What is a flock without birds? This novel of ideas dismantles the consistency that our thinking rests upon, and proposes a radical redefinition of rationality. It is a mental code to reprogram our mind, and the key to genuine freedom—the power to create a different world.
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The novel comes in two volumes, of which neither is first nor second.

The Story
The Book 

The Story

Adam is searching for God—dead or alive.
For his Cambridge dissertation he’s coding an AI to sift the world’s data and spit out the ultimate answer. Toito is an aging philosopher with a tale of love and magic that spans centuries, continents, and his favorite books.
As a series of mysterious paintings lead Adam on a winding journey from Cambridge to an Indian prison cell, Toito in his library conjures paradoxes that lie unnoticed in plain sight. Adam’s story—and civilization itself—will look very different in the end. Two tales, separate and intertwined, ask the question: where does the whole end and the part begin? What is a flock without birds? 

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The Book

The operating system of our civilization isn’t capitalism or democracy. It’s not religion, science, or art. Underneath all this is a deeper layer, obvious and invisible. It dictates how we operate and what we can change. It shapes our divisions, our wars, and our relationships. This subconscious operating system has not had an update in over 2,000 years. Until we confront and manifest it, we will remain slaves to the obvious, and lose the greatest freedom—to create a different world. The code—and the key—is within the human mind.

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The Universe 
a cuddler.

a fallacy.

"Philosophy blends with adventure, technology with poetry and mysticism with logic – all in the tension of the black and white books, that are everything but black-and-white."

Tomas Sedlacek

"One of the most pleasant literary surprises."


"Unique in many ways...without a match among contemporary Czech titles."


"An impressive tour de force combining a philosophical novel with a postmodern form."

Literary review

"Absorbing, riveting and thoroughly fascinating. Full of philosophy, logic, poetry, mathematics, religion, spirituality and
mysticism. A life’s work."

Jan P. Martinek

"We are entering a brave new world of convergence between technology and homo sapiens. In Flock without Birds Filip
shows us he is the modern Renaissance Man, the polymath that can guide us on this exciting journey. He expertly links
varied and critical fields of human endeavour to an absorbing human tale. A triumph. Read it."

John Raddall

"A remarkable feat in the style of Western bestsellers."


"A brilliant opening number on the literary stage."

James Mulholland
The Author

Filip Dousek

Filip Dousek is an AI & analytics expert. He was the founder and CEO of, one of the first startups in the world to automate big data analysis. The company was named a Gartner Cool Vendor and was acquired by Workday, Inc. The technology is getting fantastic traction and is still pioneering AI-powered analytics.

But before Stories, Filip wrote a novel. It took him 12 years to complete and was about a Cambridge PhD coding AI to find God, the order of the Universe or at least the mother of all fractals. It was also about the centurial shift from objects to relationships and how it will change everything we know. In short, he wrote Flock Without Birds in 2012 as fiction. A few years later he built Stories and made it real.


a compass.

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